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Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of England/France by daretoswim7709 Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of England/France by daretoswim7709
Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of England.

Eleanor was born to the Duke of Aquitaine and married the King of France in 1137. With him she had two daughters, Marie & Alix. She followed her husband on his ill fated crusade. In 1152 she met and fell in love with the Henry II, the future King of England. She pushed for an annulment of her marriage to the French king and received it after much controversy. She then married Henry II and became Queen of England. With Henry she had 8 children, including two future Kings of England, Richard I and John. After several years of marriage the love faded and turned to bitterness. Eleanor staged several uprising with her son's against their father which led to her imprisonment, where she stayed until Henry's death in 1189. With her son Richard I king she lived out the rest of her days somewhat peacefully, staying in public life until her death at age 82.

Few records say what Eleanor actually looked like but she was said to be very beautiful. One portrait has her with reddish brown hair, which would match her father and uncle's hair color. I chose the colors of red and gold for her clothing for the colors of the Aquitaine coat of arms.

Eleanor is also my 27th great-grandmother through marriage on my father's mother's side.
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